Fall 2022 Textbook FAQ

September 6, 2022

The return deadline for Fall 2022 textbooks is Friday, September 9.  All text sales are final after this date.

Q: The book I need is out of stock.  Will the bookshop get more copies?

A: We routinely restock textbooks through fall break in mid-October.  After fall break, we will re-order by request.  Our website shows when books are on the way.

Q: How long does it take for re-stocks to arrive?

A: Most books are back on our shelves in three to five business days.  The pandemic has definitely slowed shipments, especially from publishers who print on demand, from foreign publishers, and from most of the used text vendors.  When we see that delays are likely to be excessive, we will notify your professor.  Please be patient!

Q: How long will fall texts remain available at the bookshop?

A: We try to keep books available as long as possible, but some vendors impose return deadlines as early as late October.  Most books will stay on the shelves through Thanksgiving.  We ask faculty to let us know when books are used late in the semester, and we make every effort to keep these titles until they are needed.

Q: What are the dates for buyback?

A: Fall buyback will begin on Friday, December 9, and continue through Friday, December 16.  We are unable to buy back books outside of these dates.  We will be doing buyback again during exam weeks in May.  However, please note that the buyback guarantee applies within the same semester only, so we may or may not be buying back your fall books in spring.

Q: How much will I get for my books at buyback?

A: We don't know!  Each book is market priced, and the prices we pay are based on bids that we solicit from used text brokers in November.  For more info on buyback, please visit bookshop.brynmawr.edu/buyback-details

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.  Find us in the store or contact us by email at bookshop@brynmawr.edu.