Spring 2023 textbook update

January 25, 2023

The return deadline for Spring 2023 textbooks is Friday, January 27.  All text sales are final after this date.

As of January 25, we still have most books for most classes in stock.  But we have run out of a few titles and we are working as swiftly as possible to restock.

You can check current stock status on our website. The site is updated throughout the day, but it sometimes takes a day or so for us to catch up with updates.

For anything that's "Expected in 2 to 4 days," you can always place an order on our site.  We'll fill your order as soon as we receive the shipment and notify you that your book is ready for pickup.  This is the fastest way to secure your copy of a book that's on the way back in.

We routinely restock textbooks through spring break in March.  After spring break, we re-order by request.

About that "Expected in 2 to 4 days."  That's an average, and we are only counting business days.  Books sometimes take a little longer than expected, and the pandemic has definiely slowed shipments.  Timelines have been especially long for books that are "print on demand."  Please be patient!

Digital texts ordered through bookshop.brynmawr.edu are delivered by email.  These emails are usually generated automatically within 15 minutes or so of your order.  If you don't receive a message, please contact us at bookshop@brynmawr.edu and we will check on your order as soon as possible.

Spring buyback will begin on Monday, May 1, and continue through Friday, May 12. We are unable to buy back books outside of these dates.  We'll have more to say about buyback in a separate post later this semester.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.  Find us in the store or contact us by email at bookshop@brynmawr.edu.

Thank you!