Anne Lister Code Softstyle Short Sleeve Tee

Anne Lister Code Softstyle Short Sleeve Tee
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Anne Lister was an English diarist living in 19th Century England. She was dubbed "Gentleman Jack" due to her somewhat masculine appearance, black clothes, and highly educated mind. Throughout her school years and beyond she conducted many lesbian affairs, often under the disguise of touring foreign countries. Her longest relationship was with Ann Walker, whom she married without legal recognition in 1834 in Holy Trinity Church, York. This church is now recognized as the birthplace of lesbian marriage in England.

Throughout her life, Anne Lister wrote a five-million-word diary, detailing her thoughts and interests in encrypted code. Among the contents of these diaries are descriptions of her lesbian pursuits, identity, and methods of seduction. 

Anne Lister's code, featured on this tee, reads "Bryn Mawr College." The transliteration was done by Alan Wiborg '22.  Thanks, Alan!


Fabric: 100% ring-spun cotton