Bryn Mawr Authors

Offerings to Athena: 125 Years at Bryn Mawr College


A vibrant account of Bryn Mawr’s history, Offerings to Athena, looks back at the last 125 years from the perspective of students. Treating topics as richly diverse as debates about oral examinations, mandatory dress codes, and social protest, this behind-the-scenes account will bring you back to your college days. Revisit the Denbigh back smoker and scale the heights of the Thomas tower with this 400-page, full-color, oversized volume. Hundreds of vintage and contemporary photographs, student profiles of alumnae, The College News clippings, and newly uncovered manuscript material will help you remember Bryn Mawr of yesterday and prepare you for the college of tomorrow.


Regarding Frames


Part interpretive criticism, part philosophical meditation, Regarding Frames: Thinking with Comics in the Twenty-First Century explores the ways that literary comics engage readers in the mutual construction of meaning. BMC Professor Shiamin Kwa (EALC) draws from a wide range of philosophical, critical, and theoretical texts to analyze the visual and verbal narrative strategies that artists use. She examines the work of comic artists Gabrielle Bell, Michael DeForge, Kevin Huizenga, Laura Park, and Dash Shaw who construct their particular visions of the world.

Publication Date: 
January 1, 2020