Fall 2021 Textbook Update and FAQ

August 26, 2021

Your BMC Bookshop stocks materials that faculty have requested for Fall 2021 courses.  Complete listings of required and recommended books are available at this link. Most everything is still in stock on our shelves as of October 7.

We routinely restock texts up through Fall break, so when books sell out we will order in more copies.  After break, we only reorder on request.  We are always happy to try to reorder books for you, but please note that pricing and availability may change due to publisher price increases and marketplace conditions.  Soon after fall break, we will begin to hit some return deadlines for some unsold books.  We will keep books here as long as possible, and many titles will still be available here through Thanksgiving -- but plesae don't count on it.

Over the summer, we upgraded the website to show "available now," "expected in 2 to 4 days," or "out of stock" next to each title.  The "2 to 4 days" is an estimate, and we are counting weekdays only.  Over 90% of titles arrive within this timeframe, and you will find that books are often on our shelves before the site is updated.  Please note that there have been many, many unexpected shipment delays during covid.  (New York Times 10-04-2021: Supply-Chain Snarls Delay Books.)

Shop in store or online!  You are always welcome into the store to choose books for yourself.  Or you can place an order on this site and pickup in store.  Online orders are filled throughout the day, and you will receive an email when our order is ready for pickup.

Text purchases are returnable through Friday, September 10 only.  Starting September 11, text purchases are final.  Shrink-wrapped items such as loose-leaf texts and language bundles are not returnable once they are opened.  Receipts are required for returns.

We continue to offer digital options for many texts. We work with two digitial text providers, Redshelf and VitalSource, and both offer near-instant access to digital materials purchased from this website.  Access is usually limited to a specified number of days; look for this information in parentheses after the title and the name of the provider.  180 days is typical, which gets you through a semester.  After you complete your order, within minutes you will receive emails with instructions directly from Redshelf or VitalSource on how to start using your digital texts.  Digital options are grouped under print options on book listings page; choose either a print option or a digital option -- there's no need to buy both.

We are also working with LITS to indicate when books are available at no charge in Tripod.  These titles are now marked "Ebook available in Tripod" in red.  Visit tripod.brynmawr.edu to access these books.

Class at Haverford?  You'll need to get your books from their bookshop.  Their textbook lookup page is: haverford.bncollege.com/shop/haverford-college/page/find-textbooks

Optional books? Books are marked "Required," "Optional" or "Suggested" based on instructions from your professors.  Our advice: never buy an "optional" or "suggested" book until after you've gone to your first class, looked at the syllabus, and heard what faculty has to say about the book.

Fall book buyback will take place December 13 to 17. Please watch for details.  Receipts are no longer required for buyback.

We post info about course materials (and other topics) on this blog.  Here are links to some key posts:

We hope that you will purchase your books from your independent campus bookshop.  Dollars spent here stay on campus, and support the mission of the store and the college.  We do not charge sales tax on required course materials, unlike others sellers.

We are here to help!  Please reach out via email to bookshop@brynmawr.edu if you have any questions about textbooks or anything else we offer. 

This page was updated on October 7, 2021.