Hamilton Versus Wall Street

Hamilton Versus Wall Street

by Nancy Spannaus BMC ’65

Hamilton versus Wall Street delves into the life and mind of Alexander Hamilton, focusing on his impact on the economic history of the United States. The author challenges the conventional portrayal of Hamilton as merely a financier, unveiling him as a statesman whose economic policy laid the foundation for the nation's prosperity and resilience against global imperialism. The book portrays Hamilton not as a follower of the British System but as the architect of the "American System of Economics," a doctrine adopted by influential presidents like Lincoln and Roosevelt to drive the nation toward prosperity. It answers questions such as, "What were Alexander Hamilton's beliefs on economic growth?" and, "What was Hamilton's economic plan?" This book about Alexander Hamilton allows readers to appreciate the power of political economy in shaping the nation's history. Hamilton's revolutionary economic principles, ensuring America's true independence, are presented as vital elements of the American Revolution, inviting readers to reassess their understanding of economic theories. Praised as a "thoughtful, well-written argument for Alexander Hamilton's financial system as a guard against tyranny." --- Kirkus Reviews Richard Sylla, author of Alexander Hamilton: The Illustrated Biography, "In our time of crumbling infrastructure, anemic economic growth, and dysfunctional government, Spannaus points to a better path, the American System of economic policy initiated by Alexander Hamilton more than two centuries ago. ... His policies made America great, and a return to them can make America great again." "An excellent book that for me brought clarity to several threads that made up the fabric of Hamilton's vision of a political economy for the post-war United States, a national country and not a collection of states...." --Douglas S. Hamilton, fifth great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton "Spannaus meticulously traces the origins and describes Hamilton's system (in contrast to the Jeffersonian/British system) and shows how it resulted in the economic growth that defines American enterprise. ... This book is a definite must-read." --David J. Kent, author of Lincoln: The Fire of Genius; President, Lincoln Group of D.C. Inspired by Hamilton's genius and humanity, the author illuminates Hamilton's revolutionary economic ideas, compellingly exploring how Hamilton's ideas have shaped the nation and continue to resonate in today's economic landscape.
Publication Date: 
February 16, 2019