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Your BMC Bookshop offers the most complete listing of required course materials and the most convenient way to purchase everything that you need.  At your campus bookshop, you get instant pick-up and the exact book your professor requested, and your dollars support your store and your school.  At your bookshop, text purchases are exempt from sales tax: the price you see is the price you pay.  Online sites are obligated to charge tax, so don’t forget to add 6% to online prices – in addition to any shipping charge.

Above, there are two links to book listings:

1) The text lookup function takes you directly to your bookshop’s text listings, where you can view and purchase everything you need in just a few clicks.  Your order will be pulled and packed for pickup at the bookshop.  True one-stop shopping, the simplest, fastest and easiest way to find your books.

2) We also maintain a price comparison site, located at  This site also presents information about required materials in course-by-course listings, and shows BMC Bookshop pricing alongside prices at Amazon, Chegg, Valore and other online vendors. For info on how to use this site, click here for a video.

We post details about course material topics on the BMC Bookshop blog.  Here are links to a few key posts: