Murder Is Academic

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Murder Is Academic

P.M. Carlson's campus crime novels are populated by lively, intelligent, good-humored students and grown-ups, just like the people whom we find on real campuses.  Carlson also gets how colleges work.  Her mysteries feel real, but they're also the best version of real: we wish we could be on Carlson's campuses, hanging out with her people.  Murder Is Academic is Carlson's second Maggie Ryan mystery -- a more conventional whodunit than the series opener, Audition for Murder, and a litlte darker.  Set in the late '60s and early '70s, they are terrific mysteries and engaging explorations of recent history.  Highly recommend, so highly that when the original publishers Avon and Bantam let them go, I brought all eight books back into print so that readers could get them all.

- Jim Huang, Bookshop Director

Vietnam, assassinations and riots. In the spring semester of 1968, a series of brutal attacks draws campus women together to study self-defense and the psychology of rape. Graduate student Mary Beth Nelson struggles to keep the Lords of Death at bay by immersing herself in researching Mayan languages. Her new housemate, Maggie Ryan, has her own secrets. When murder strikes close to home, Maggie investigates with a little help from her friends.
Publication Date: 
October 1, 2012