Mystery Bundle of Books

Mystery Bundle of Books
$18.00 - $60.00

Looking for something to read during this stressful time?  Our Mystery Bundle consists of six books that were assigned for recent BMC courses, a random collection of used and new books from overstock and buyback.  Original bookshop retail value of at least $40, so you'll save at least 55% -- and usually much more.

You won't know what you'll get, but each title was vetted by BMC faculty so you know that every book has merit.  We are offering serveral versions of this bundle for $18.00 each:

  • Nonfiction only
  • All categories, nonfiction/fiction mix (books in English only)
  • Fiction in French
  • Fiction in Spanish
*NEW* Share the joy of a mystery bundle with friends!  At the suggestion of an alum, we are now offering Mystery Bundles for 2 and Mystery Bundles for 3!  You and a friend or two will get the same set of six books from recent BMC classes.  We'll ship a bundle to you and a bundle to far-flung friends whose names and addresses you include in the comment box on the checkout form. You'll be able to read and discuss books together, just as you did during your days on campus.  Bundles for 2 and Bundles for 3 will include a mix of fiction and nonfiction (English only), and are available for a limited time in limited quantities.

  • Mystery Bundles for 2 ($40.00)
  • Mystery Bundles for 3 ($60.00)
(Addresses must be in the US.  Extra ship charges for individually shipping second and third bundles to different addresses are bulit in to the item prices.)  

No returns! Please donate unwanted books to worthy readers and causes in your neighborhood.