Project Cost Recording and Reporting

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Project Cost Recording and Reporting

by Alexia Nalewaik BMC '90

Communication is a vital part of project management, and reports are one of the preferred vehicles for transmitting information to an intended internal or external audience. Reports are also part of the system of control and governance on projects, used to bring attention to issues and prompt action to improve project outcomes.

There are countless ways of combining project information for consumption by stakeholders. This book discusses the purpose of project reports, and provides examples of the format, content, timing, and audience for various types. Using principles of stakeholders and risk management, it presents a rationale for communication plans, enabling appropriate reporting at the project, program, and portfolio level. The author also:

  • Presents tangible experience and suggestions for developing project reports.
  • Discusses project reports in context, as applicable to types of stakeholders and the project lifecycle.
  • Identifies sources and types of data required for adequate reporting.
  • Offers examples of report formats, graphics, and content.
  • Reflects on typical challenges encountered with project reporting.
  • It is essential reading for practitioners and students of project management, cost control, and accountancy.

    Publication Date: 
    October 29, 2019