Tips for first-time text buyers

September 3, 2018

1) Relax! Your BMC Bookshop has what you need.  Come in, grab your books off our shelves and you’re on your way in one fast and easy transaction.

2) We post full listings of required course materials online at  From this page, click on the lookup links, and find your classes.  You can order online, and we’ll gather your books and have them in a bag, ready for pickup.

3) If you see that a book is listed as “recommended” or “suggested” — such as the book for BIOL B110 or the study guide for CHEM B211 — it’s our recommendation that you go to class first before buying the book.  Look at your syllabus and hear what your professor has to say before you buy.

4) For most everything, you’re fine buying either new or used. But if your class is using an access code – most intro languages use online materials for which you need to purchase an access code -- you have to buy new.  Never buy a used bundle.

5) Buy your book here or buy your books elsewhere – it’s your choice.  But please don’t do both.  Supplies of used books are limited here and online too, which means that if you keep buying multiple copies hoping to trade down to a less expensive one, you are tying up copies that your fellow students might need.  You’re also driving up the cost of books for everyone because stores (ours included) pay credit card fees on purchases and returns.

Other questions?  We’re here to help. Stop in and see us or email us at

The page was updated on January 29, 2021.