Quick tips about four favorite, bestselling tops

December 11, 2020

Not sure what to buy?  Looking for ideas?  Here are a few tips about our four bestselling tops.

One of our most popular crewnecks is the Gear Big Cotton Crew. It is available in oatmeal with a tackle twill applique in class colors.  This is a very true to size unisex cut piece.


If you're looking for an oversized iconic collegiate look, the Champion Classic Reverse Weave Crew is the most popular choice. This is a generously cut unisex piece and is also available with a hood.


Another super popular, super soft option is the Ouray Peerless Deluxe Hooded Sweatshirt. It appears tapered in the photo, but honestly, we think the vendor went a little heavy on Photoshop.  In real life, it’s very comfy, roomy unisex fit.  Did we mention it's super soft?


Our most popular tee by far is the Vintage Bryn Mawr Owls Tee, reminiscent of the classic three owls design that we've heard so much about and hope brings back many happy memories.  This shirt is available in navy and grey heather, and we also have it in children’s and toddler’s sizes.

Questions?  Reach out by email to bookshop@brynmawr.edu.  We're here to help!